Dancing at Lughnasa

September 2017, Olentangy High School

For Lughnasa I stepped up to be the sound crew head. “Dancing at Lughnasa” was an interesting challenge, it was a Black Box show and took place with the audience on the stage with the performers. With the audience being onstage we also brought the tech crews of Lights and Sound to the stage as well. We ran the board remotely with an ipad and tossed a security camera up on an electric to be able to see the show. The proximity of everything allowed us to explore some creative avenues we wouldn’t have been able to explore otherwise. I had 4 monitors hidden underneath the seating platforms for background music and a small monitor hidden beneath a radio on the set. The radio had a power light built in to illuminate the tuning dial, I modified the light circuit to operate with a switch located offstage for an Assistant Stage Manager to be able to switch the radio “On” and “Off” remotely. One of the creative things the monitor placement allowed us to do was for the radio to start playing a song and slowly transition to a backing track filling the whole room, and then abruptly cut back to just the radio as it stops working drawing everyone back to the scene.

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