This week I wanted to get our BPA submission for states done and submitted. Next week a group of us are going to film a conference and we met and discussed possible problems, solutions, and a kind of game plan. I also put together my front end web design mockup.
This week I checked the BPA State Videos off of my long to-do list
I ran into a problem with the green screen and a number of clips were out of focus.
We couldn’t do anything to fix the focus short from reshooting everything but for the green screen I had to do a lot of color grading and other edits to make it look decent
Next week I plan on getting everything set up for the Classic Livestream and to film the SuccessBound Educational conference
I mostly worked on getting our BPA project finished and submitted for State Pre-Submission. Thursday evening I worked on modifying infrastructure for the Classic Livestream to work for our needs.

Last Week I visited Aruba and Curacao and took some pictures.

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