This week I wanted to get ready to film the SuccessBound Conference and The Keynote Classic.
This week I filmed the SuccessBound conference with Reese, Blythe, Brian, and Riley and Abbie took pictures. I also did some more work on preparing for The Classic.
Yesterday I tested something for The Classic and neither the camera or the cable was working. We had so much gear for SuccessBound that we had to put it all in a giant duffle bag that only had one wheel.
Today I am going to test the different pieces individually, and I connected the bag to a hand truck to move it easier.

Next week I want to take care of Codecademy, start editing the SuccessBound conference, and study for the Photoshop Certification Test.
This week I worked on the SuccessBound Conference, and The Keynote Classic Livestream setup. Today I threw together two really simple HTML pages.