This week I wanted to get SuccessBound editing started, finish up all of my Codecademy, and finish Project 3 – 7 Videos, Twice – Playfest.
This week I took the ACT, the Photoshop Certification Exam and my team organized all of our footage from the SuccessBound conference. Today I will be finishing up the rest of the Codecademy and getting some more work done on Playfest.
On Tuesday I did not have my hard drive to work on Playfest, and we did not have enough space to backup the SuccessBound footage.
We ordered a LaCie rugged external hard drive for footage backup and shoots in the field. I put my hard drive into my backpack well in advance to make sure I had it.
What are your plans for next week?

This week I worked on Playfest, SuccessBound, The ACT, and Seussical.