This week I wanted to get Playfest, (Project 3 – 7 Videos, Twice) and Seussical, (Project 6) done.
I finished editing and uploading Playfest and Seussical is in Premiere, ready to begin editing. On Tuesday we took another set of Adobe Certification tests and I am now an Adobe Certified Associate for both Photoshop CS6 and CC15

I synched the interview footage to audio for SuccessBound.
I was sick on Tuesday and was out because of a fever on Wednesday.
I did some work from home organizing footage and fixed the formatting on the LaCie Hard Drive
Next week my BPA team needs to get our BPA Presentation down and do some more work on SuccessBound.

Project 6 – Seussical, Project 7 – SuccessBound, and Project 3 – Playfest.