This week I wanted to start editing SuccessBound and get ready to start filming the news and finish my big body website.

We have all of the SuccessBound footage in premiere and synchronized with the audio and I made some adjustments to the lighting setup in the video room so that the green screen would work as well as possible.

I spent an hour trying to get the 6D and the Panasonic Camcorder to work with the video switcher. Brian changed the names of all of the audio for SuccessBound. synchronize everything again.

I spent some more time on the switcher and got the 6D to work with it, and I had to re-synchronize all the audio and video.

Next week is spring break but the week after we will be shooting the news and doing a lot more editing on SuccessBound.
What Project(s) did you work on this week

Project 5 – DACC news, Project 7 – SuccessBound

<img=”” alt=”big body”/>

<img=”” alt=”SuccessBound 322″/>