This week I wanted to make the revisions to SuccessBound, fix my website, and get the news done.

SuccessBound has been sent off, and all of the news segments have been filmed. I built a massive camera rig for our adventure to Camp Lazarus yesterday.

The DNS for my website going through CloudFlare for privacy and a SSL certificate do not point to my website and I had to temporarily bypass Cloudflare, which means my website is shown as insecure on Chrome. The News team had some communication issues this week.

I am going to try to set up cloudflare again, but that will be a weekend project. We are also going to have a news meeting next week.

Next week I will be the Executive Producer of the DACC News while Madison is in California for BPA.

Project 5 – DACC News, Project 7- SucessBound



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