YanA 8/23 and 9-Day Project

This week I wanted to get this years first DACC News episode done. Mr. Gaskill wanted to meet with us before we wrote the script but we didn’t hear form him at all this week.

This week Khang got our new segments intro done and it looks exactly as we had envisioned. I got the new template file fixed to include the program spotlight and took out the Minute and Talent segments. I was able to get Resolve installed so now I can edit my Blackmagic RAW files.

I was having troubles with my Mac yesterday, I got the spinning wheel of death. We were planning on filming the news today but one of our EPs and one of our actors are gone. Looks like we’re going to be filming Monday.

On my computer issue I closed all my other tabs and just left it to process after trying to restart both the computer ant the process. We are contacting our other EP to get her perspective on the news issues.

Next week we will try to get the news into a rhythm and get the new intro filmed, edited, and spliced into our Template project.

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