This week I wanted to get the news done, connect with Mr. Mitchell at the Columbus Clippers and get all of the news assets in place (new background, weather background, and new intro). I will be out Friday for an ambassador meeting.

We got the news filmed this week, we are filming the program spotlight in 3 minutes, the weather after that and then I’ll finish my letter of intent.

We had a big problem this week. We don’t have a cFast card reader and we recorded the news to that cFast card. We had a lecture so we weren’t able to set up for the program spotlight yesterday and that got pushed to today.

For the cFast issue I set the camera HDMI output to be a clean feed and recorded the playback with an external recorder. We rescheduled the Spotlight segment to today. There are card readers arriving today or tomorrow to solve our card issues.

Next week we really hope to release the news. We also hope to get back into a normal news schedule.



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