This week I needed to prepare for my live video presentation at OOMS today. Over the last weekend I filmed OHSs Radium Girls and needed to export and upload that. I also wanted to get the 2 videos left for That’s The Spirit done.

Over the week I was able to get ready for my presentation, finish the 2 videos, send some emails, and even get in a BPA meeting and interview.

My week was not without issue though. I had 3 different sources I wanted to use for my presentation, but they all had different video formats and I could only select one on the switcher. As soon as I got to Orange Middle School I was faced with another issue, the projector only had VGA ports. I only had HDMI and SDI.

To solve the first issue I switched one camera for another to match two of my sources and that left only one to run through the Decimator to change it to the correct format. The projector issue was solved by switching to a spare projector that their tech team had on hand.

Next week I plan on doing some more BPA work, probably editing our interview with Mr. Spinner and doing more script work. I would also like to get some things taken care of that I did not have time for this week, I am going to fix some incorrect information on my full page advertisements, make a new Remus Digital Media badge with my new headshot, create an email signature image, and do more preparation work for the Keynote Classic.

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