This week was a bit more laid back than the couple last weeks. I wanted to get a bunch of miscellaneous stuff done this week. I wanted to get Mr. Spinners interview edited down to fit time, finish cutting down the Polar Plunge Interview, have some more BPA meetings, get my new RDM name badge done, make an image email signature, get some Character Generator things figured out, test the TerraStation, and ask G about some things. As usual the News also needed to get done.

I got everything done this week except for testing the TerraStation and talking to G, which I plan on doing today. I also spent some time editing Mr. Davidson out of the DACC News intro yesterday.

I had some issues with the Character Generator not displaying the correct colors and I haven’t fixed that yet but I won’t need the CG until next year. I also have some issues with the video edits and I’m going to check the transitions but I’m not sure what all I can do for those.

Next week will hold another episode of the news, without Mr. Davidson (at request of the powers that be),  more work on the script for BPA and probably a good bit of capstone work.

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