This week entailed more BPA. We filmed at Media Columbus on Wednesday, had more meetings throughout the week and edited yesterday. We also needed to get the DACC News done, that was filmed yesterday and Tuesday. We are yet to see how long that will take to edit. Monday was the day after That’s The Spirit closed at OBHS and I was able to get that entire thing edited Monday and uploaded on Tuesday.

This week I also started another show with Buckeye Valley. They are doing Almost, Maine and I am helping them with lights and sound. Almost, Maine premieres tonight at 7:30 with shows at 7:30 tonight, 7:30pm tomorrow and 2:00pm on Sunday

Today I forgot my Master Footage drive at my house and can’t make more progress with the BPA edit. But, I can get the intro finished up and synced into OneDrive.

Next week will be more work on BPA including getting the other finished segments into the master sequence and finishing editing the skeleton.

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