This week I wanted to get our BPA newsroom sequence edited, get the DACC news done, and prepare for my workshop at Shanahan Middle School.

We filmed the DACC news Wednesday, the SMS workshop was cancelled due to the 2-hour delay, and I am making good progress on BPA. I was able to get our BPA Logo after effects project exported and rendered and then I took that into Premiere to get the time ramp and transition done. Yesterday I did some research for Character Generators for live video and found a few that should work well. Next week will be testing them.

On Tuesday I didn’t know that DACC started at the same time regardless of the 1 hour delay and was subsequently an hour late, I stayed at Berlin for the full academic day. I also forgot my Master Footage Drive at home on Tuesday so I couldn’t edit BPA, instead I decided to do some work on my resume, get gear put back, and do some CG research.

Next week will be a lot more BPA work. We have a lot of small things to fix and tweak to get the video to a point that I would be happy with. I think we will also start doing more work on our presentation for BPA as well.


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