This week my main goal was to make a few final tweaks and get everything submitted for BPA. I also wanted to get some lights ordered with G for the video studio. A few last things that I needed to get done this week were the videos from Rent at OHS and Christmas Express at my church.

BPA is all submitted and that’s a huge stress gone. Lights have been ordered and we even had a look at some other things we needed for the lab and we consulted on the best choices for some of those things.  Another thing I did this week was adding a team page to my website, I had wanted to do this for a few months but hadn’t yet found the right plugin to do it. This week I did, and I got a pretty good page built with it. Everyone has their head shot but I’m still missing some taglines and Bios. Rent is ready to go into editing and Christmas Express has been exported and is awaiting being burned onto DVDs.

I’m not sure if Rent will fit into the required space for it to go onto a DVD but Christmas Express should. I am also not sure if we have any more high capacity DVDs and I have orders for 25 Christmas Express DVDs.

We will have to wait until Rent is done to see if it meets the DVD space requirements and I will have to rummage around for the high capacity DVDs tomorrow for Christmas Express . If we don’t have any more I will be making a trip to either Staples or Best Buy. I will have to make a trip to BestBuy over break.

Next week I will finish up and upload Rent and I will also be enjoying the holiday season and some time off.





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