Yesterday I was at OHS until 22:45 helping with their rehearsal, loading the truck for their competition this weekend in West Virginia, and packing up all the gear I am borrowing for OMTIs Gala tomorrow and now I have 2 rack cases and some lights in my home office.

This week I wanted to get prepared for OMTIs Gala tomorrow, get the DACC News done, and teach some of the OHS Keynotes crew Resolume and ShowXpress for video and lighting control.

The mic plot for the Gala is done all the lighting design that I can get done is done, Nicholas has been taught Resolume, DACC News has been filmed and editing is almost done.

I still do not have all of the choreography videos for OMTI so I cannot finish my lighting design until tomorrow during their rehearsals, Nicholas didn’t show up to rehearsal until late yesterday, and the lighting for DACC News is still suboptimal but we are working on that.

Next week the DACC news will continue, RDM will kick into full focus on Classic, and I plan on meeting with Mr. Andraki next week as well.

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