This week I filmed Ms. Freeman and Mr. Gaskills welcome video for the 20-21 school year. We also made a special valentines edition of the DACC News. On Tuesday I visited Highbanks and had a photoshoot with my friend Alex.

Today Hogan and Jared joined me for Classic meetings this afternoon and Lucy joined me this afternoon. We talked about all of the routing and switching as well as camera operation and setup.

Next week will be hectic with the aftermath of HAWC this Saturday and final preparations for Cinderella and Classic next weekend.



  • Please post a screenshot of your most proud accomplishment of the week

I got the cyc light up and the chroma key looks great.

  • Let me know of a problem/challenge you had this week and how you overcame it

No vehicle. I readjusted my schedule to get where I needed to be to coincide with transport.

  • What are your 3 goals for next week?

Finish all the rest of the work on Classic things, help Reese organize and sync HAWC, and get our BPA states submission finished.

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