This week was busy.

It started with helping Reese sync the HAWC footage in PluralEyes and coordinate gear for HAWC, Classic, and SuccessBound.

It is tech week for Cinderella, opening night is tonight. I have also been preparing for Classic, that is tomorrow.

Yesterday Olentangy brought a few schools of elementary students to see Cinderella during the day and we ran Act 1 twice, and then afterwards we ran Act 2 twice. Once with each cast, Cinderella is a double cast.

Yesterday evening I ran over 500 feet of cabling for our remote camera stations for Classic. My team set up scaffolding for each of the remote camera stations and I tested all of the cabling and inputs.

This evening I will be setting up all of the distribution and more tripods.

But first, I need to finish exporting BPA and find the Team entry form.

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