Keynote Classic 2020: Live


This years Keynote Classic was even more successful than last years. This year I was able to run five cameras with lower thirds and break screen graphics in between groups. The fiber optic cable to the gym worked well and we streamed preliminary awards. The only problem with the fiber was who I had on camera. Hogan would not shut up, and we were using the internal mic on the camera to capture room audio. He was yelling back and forth with Jared over radio about the audio without using the radios earpiece. I received multiple messages that said, “Tell Hogan to shut up.”

I had a scaffold on each side of the theater and 2 cameras in the lights booth, both a manned and a static camera. For the first couple groups I forgot to turn the lower thirds on and we had a couple issues with audio throughout the day. I had plenty of help for the entire day except the keynote and shenote shows when I lost most of my crew to the show choirs and had to enlist the help of the only spare crew kid for shenotes and a shenote and theatre crew kid for keynotes.


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