This week was interesting. It is a nice change of pace but came with its own set of challenges.

I do have access to Creative Cloud.

This week I worked on a number of different projects. Monday I spent over an hour trying to get an HDMI signal into my laptop and to be recognized as a webcam source to no avail. I started the week by getting an outline and structure laid out for my Pending Approval podcast I then got multitrack recording sorted for Discord for the podcast, I moved forward in the week by cloning my Olentangy OneDrive so that I don’t lose any of my important data when Olentangy closes our accounts. Thursday I spent on the teams call and taking down a lighting system. Today I rounded up a bunch of my pieces to add to my senior gallery portfolio.

While working from home there is zero quiet time. I have had my earbuds in almost all day every day. I also could not get an HDMI input to my computer to act as a webcam source. To round out the week yesterday I borrowed a lens from my church but I didn’t have the right power connector to power the lens.

I have no idea what I’ll be working on next week. I hope to at least be editing the first episode of the podcast but we’ll see how the cookie crumbles.

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