This week was a lot of data storage organization and optimization. I cleared and cleaned my phone on Monday and then my laptop on Tuesday. Wednesday I talked with Tim Smith about the possibility of doing a virtual choir concert for Olentangy High Schools spring concert. Yesterday I made templates for my cover letter and reference sheets and today I worked on miscellaneous organization and podcast planning.

Episode 1 of the Remus Digital Media podcast was released at the beginning of the week. Episode 1 was based off our experiences in Theatre and Episode 2 is going to be centered around show choir and the Keynotes. The Olentangy show choirs would have been going to Tennessee this weekend so we wanted to get Episode 2 out either yesterday of today to try to get them involved and to bring a little bit of fun back to their weekend.

This week I mostly dealt with planning problems but I did run into some data issues as well. On Monday I copied everything from my phone but there wasn’t nearly as much data as there should have been. On the topic of the podcast I have tried to get the group together 3 times this week to record it but no one will respond with when they are available so it hasn’t happened yet.

Here are the finished products of the thumbnails of Ep1 and two mock-ups of what Ep2 is going to look like. We only captured audio but as of now the primary platform is YouTube so I wanted to make the video somewhat interesting so I made a waveform from the audio but for Ep2 I would like to have everyone’s track separate so the audience can tell more clearly who is talking.

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