2021 Keynote Classic

March 2021, Olentangy High School

We were nervous about whether the event would be held amid the conditions of the world as we prepared. This years event was interesting in the fact that no additional help would be hired and Remus Digital Media would be the sole provider of technical services. As a result of this I essentially fulfilled the role of Director, Producer, Lighting Designer, and Stage Manager. Before the event I prepared gear diagrams, a graphics workflow, and distribution in the month leading up to it. Something new I tried out for this years Classic was preparing rundowns with camera shots and rough times including detailed blocking for both me and my operators to be prepared and ready for all soloists and any specific shots I had planned for while watching the groups prior performances. The rundowns paid off and we were able to anticipate the solos and make sure we had a close up shot ready to go. This was also the first year using the new video switcher we acquired this last winter which was exciting but we ran into the limitations of it right off the bat. We had to use some of the inputs for double duty as we had to move around our 6 sources with the 4 inputs available on the device. Despite the technical challenges we faced the event was still just as successful as ever.

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