Jul 2021 OMTI – Postponed from Jun 2020)

For Heathers I planned out a large number of additional fixtures to supplement the venues inventory. To go with these fixtures I prepared lighting and stage plots for where these additional instruments would be placed and generally what they would be used for during the show. I did have to provision dimmer packs to accompany the 8 Source Four fixtures I had planned and we had to distribute the power across the balcony and the projector room to make sure we had the overhead we would need to run these fixtures at full for the duration of the show. In addition to reinforcing lights we also needed to supplement sound, for this task we used Olentangy High Schools wireless mics in addition to some we rented. We also faced the limitations of the X32 Producer that the venue had with our 24 mics and 2 computer inputs. Needless to say there was a lot of tape on that mixer between all the different channel layers.

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