Mean Girls (June 2023 OMTI)

Mean girls featured a couple of our tried-and-true features and got a new twist for a couple others. This year we experienced a crew shortage, I would have liked to have between 2-5 additional hands but alas it was just Hogan and I running most of the tech.

I took the opportunity to use TheatreMix(x32tc) to help keep the mixing process more simple. Anything I could do to make running the show a little bit easier was great since I had taken on the jobs of designing lights and mixing the show. Theatremix worked out great and I am very glad that I took the opportunity to try it out in the spring with Xanadu.

We again featured projections but only had to deal with one projector this year. Rigging it was a little bit easier with the risers we were able to get the projector mounted without too much difficulty onto a batten. The projections came with their own playout application Stageplayer, it was built with chromium and did not overlay on top of the display, it was a window that you had to make sure to not have anything overtop – and that includes the mouse cursor.

The additional lighting this year took on a different form than years past. The keynotes had added 4 Chauvet Rogue R1x spot fixtures to their inventory and we took advantage of them this year. They were programmed in to the show with all of ODUs Rogue fixtures. The 4 cut down on the number of additional fixtures and trussing we needed to bring with us this year and because they were moving fixtures they perfectly matched the venue fixtures and the adjustable irises allowed us to punch in and use them like spot fixtures.

FOH was filled out by Hannah running tracks and Natalie ran the projections app. I added another table and that gave us just enough space for the lights and sound consoles and both computers.

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