The Domino Effect

This documentary looks at one man after he falls from his high-profile life as a Division 1 college athlete into addiction, and his climb to recovery. Craig Hettlinger is putting it all on the line to Improve, Strengthen and Support the lives of those trapped in addiction. He walks what he talks and now he hopes many will soar as HAWC is serving the recovery community in Huntington, West Virginia.

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Produced by Josh Gallagan, Nathaniel Martin and Reese White.

A film I worked on 4 years ago during my senior year at DACC. We traveled to Huntington WV and stayed at the Huntington Addiction Wellness Center while working on the project. I didn’t quite have an assigned role but I took on the responsibilities of a DoP and tried to make sure that all of our camera shots were framed consistently and well lit.

Production consisted of Josh Gallagan, Nathaniel Martin, Reese White, Paige Tinnel, RJ Barnhart, and Brian Whitesel