Full Theatrical Show Experience

Below is a full list of all of the shows I have done, organized by group. Below the list is a brief write-up of each show.

Ohio Musical Theatre Institute:

  • Carrie
  • Heathers – July 2021 (Postponed from Jun 2020)
  • OMTI Gala – Jan 2020
  • Chicago – Jun 2019
  • Chorus Line – Sep 2018
  • Band Geeks – Jun 2018

Buckeye Valley High School:

  • Almost Maine – Nov 2019
  • Newsies – April 2019

Arena Fair Theatre (“Delawares Community Theatre”):

  • A Bing Crosby Christmas Special – Dec 2019
  • Animal Crackers – Oct 2019
  • Working – Jun 2019

Olentangy Berlin High School:

  • Cinderella – Feb 2020
  • That’s The Spirit – Nov 2019
  • Our Town – May 2019
  • Seussical – Feb 2019
  • Dear Editor: A Berlin Cabaret – Nov 2018

Olentangy High School:

  • As You Like It – May 2018
  • You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown – Jan 2018
  • Dancing At Lughnasa – Oct 2017
  • Shrek the Musical – May 2017
  • [Title of Show] and Playfest – Feb 2017
  • Hamlet – Sep 2016
  • OHS with Shanahan: 2017 and 2018 Shanahan Middle School shows
  • OHS Show Choirs: 2 competition seasons and 3 Show Choir Invitational Competition video livestreams

Powell United Methodist Church:

  • Sound and Lights Team Lead since Sep 2017
  • 2018 and 2019 Children’s Christmas Pageants
  • 6 years Vacation Bible School tech volunteer
  • Broadcast Ministries Director since Jan 2021

Hamlet (Sep 2016 OHS) – I began my great adventure as a sound tech my freshman year of high school. I was backstage, doing mic changes primarily as well as changing batteries and checking antennas.

[Title of Show]/Playfest (Feb 2017 OHS) – Two “shows” in the same weekend. [Title of Show] is a musical about writing the musical, that they are currently performing. I was not on the run crew for [Title] as I would be gone for the Sunday showing of it. I did however still mix during rehearsals and do other sound tech things. Now Playfest, that was another whole “show”. Playfest was a series of shows written and directed by the students. I was in charge of mixing all of the actors mics for the duration of tech week and the shows. needless to say I got a lot of mixing experience.

Shrek The Musical (May 2017 OHS) – Shrek was interesting

2017 Shanahan Middle School Show

Dancing at Lughnasa (Sep 2017 OHS) – For Lughnasa I stepped up to be the sound crew head. “Dancing at Lughnasa” was an interesting challenge, it was a Black Box show and took place with the audience on the stage with the performers. With the audience being onstage we also brought the tech crews of Lights and Sound to the stage as well. We ran the board remotely with an ipad and tossed a security camera up on an electric to be able to see the show. The proximity of everything allowed us to explore some creative avenues we wouldn’t have been able to explore otherwise. I had 4 monitors hidden underneath the seating platforms for background music and a small monitor hidden beneath a radio on the set. The radio had a power light built in to illuminate the tuning dial, I modified the light circuit to operate with a switch located offstage for an Assistant Stage Manager to be able to switch the radio “On” and “Off” remotely. One of the creative things the monitor placement allowed us to do was for the radio to start playing a song and slowly transition to a backing track filling the whole room, and then abruptly cut back to just the radio as it stops working drawing everyone back to the scene.

You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown (Jan 2018 OHS) – ChiChi B

2017-2018 Olentangy Keynotes (OHS) – Krew head

2018 Keynote Classic – For the 2018 Keynote Classic we had a very minimal live setup. 1 camera streaming all day long and another camera just recording the groups for judges review. One of the seniors brought in his desktop to monitor the stream

As You Like It (May 2018 OHS)

2018 Shanahan Middle School Show

Band Geeks (Jun 2018 OMTI)

Chorus Line (Sep 2018 OMTI)

Dear Editor: A Berlin Cabaret (OBHS)

Seussical (Feb 2019 OBHS)

2019 Keynote Classic – RDM was the production company of The Classic. We took over production of The Classic and brought the stream up to a new level, and it worked out pretty well for being our first year streaming the event. We used a couple DSLR cameras and a loaned video switcher

Newsies (April 2019 BV)

Our Town (May 2019 OBHS)

Working (Jun 2019 OMTI) – Ohio Wesleyan Univ. Chappelear Drama Center

Chicago  (Jun 2019 OMTI) – Ohio Wesleyan Univ. Chappelear Drama Center

Animal Crackers (Oct 2019 AF) – Asbury  Church Delaware

That’s The Spirit (Nov 2019 OBHS)

Almost Maine (Nov 2019 BVHS)

A Bing Crosby Christmas (Dec 2019 AF) – Willis Education Center Delaware City Schools

OMTI Gala (Jan 2020 OMTI)

Cinderella (Feb 2020 OBHS)

2020 Keynote Classic (Feb 2020 OHS) – RDM was the production company of The Classic for the 2020 event. We had 5 cameras and 200 meters more fiber optic than we had the year before for the preliminary awards and it was a learning experience. I had a scaffold on each side of the theater and 2 cameras in the lights booth, both a manned and a static camera. We used some loaned gear including the video switching hardware and one of the cameras. This year I was able to run five cameras with lower thirds and break screen graphics in between groups. The fiber optic cable to the gym worked well and we streamed preliminary awards – unlike most  competition live streams

OBHS One Acts (Cancelled) (April 2020 OBHS)

Legally Blonde (Cancelled) (May 2020 BVHS)

2021 Keynote Classic (March 2021 Olentangy HS) – We were nervous about whether the event would be held amid the conditions of the world as we prepared. This years event was interesting in the fact that no additional help would be hired and Remus Digital Media would be the sole provider of technical services. As a result of this I essentially fulfilled the role of Director, Producer, Lighting Designer, and Stage Manager. Before the event I prepared gear diagrams, a graphics workflow, and distribution in the month leading up to it. Something new I tried out for this years Classic was preparing rundowns with camera shots and rough times including detailed blocking for both me and my operators to be prepared and ready for all soloists and any specific shots I had planned for while watching the groups prior performances. The rundowns paid off and we were able to anticipate the solos and make sure we had a close up shot ready to go. This was also the first year using the new video switcher we acquired this last winter which was exciting but we ran into the limitations of it right off the bat. We had to use some of the inputs for double duty as we had to move around our 6 sources with the 4 inputs available on the device. Despite the technical challenges we faced the event was still just as successful as ever.

“Astronomer Dreaming” (June 2022 OWU) – I joined Ohio Wesleyan University for a musical event following the dreams of a girl longing for the stars. Their arts department was lacking some sound expertise so I was contracted to fill in that gap.

Heathers (Jul 2021 OMTI – Postponed from Jun 2020) – For Heathers I planned out a large number of additional fixtures to supplement the venues inventory. To go with these fixtures I prepared lighting and stage plots for where these additional instruments would be placed and generally what they would be used for during the show. I did have to provision dimmer packs to accompany the 8 Source Four fixtures I had planned and we had to distribute the power across the balcony and the projector room to make sure we had the overhead we would need to run these fixtures at full for the duration of the show. In addition to reinforcing lights we also needed to supplement sound, for this task we used Olentangy High Schools wireless mics in addition to some we rented. We also faced the limitations of the X32 Producer that the venue had with our 24 mics and 2 computer inputs. Needless to say there was a lot of tape on that mixer between all the different channel layers.

2022 Keynote Classic (February 2022 Olentangy HS) – We were excited to get back to a more normal event and enlisted the help of a much larger list of rental gear. We rented 2 cameras, an 8 input switcher, and some grip gear. One of the cameras was a Blackmagic Design Broadcast camera and it was a great experience. We also tried out the remote zoom and focus demands from Blackmagic for the studio and broadcast cameras and they worked well. I made shot lists again to help with the sequencing and solos and once again they worked out well. The 8 inputs of the switcher really helped with the pinch points we ran into the year before with the limitation of only 4 inputs.

Carrie (June 2022 OMTI) – Once again OMTI had an accelerated schedule. We again used the additional fixtures and rigging originally designed during Heathers. Carrie was set to a virtual set. I used Resolume and 3 projectors to get the coverage and design of the backdrops aligned and configured. The physical set featured a back wall and 2 side walls that folded out to give 3 separate plane spaces. With having the wide space with angled walls and also the 3 separate planes I had to use 5 different layers in Resolume mapping each wall differently across the different projectors at each configuration

2023 Keynote Classic (February 2023 Olentangy HS) – We were excited to get back to it. I planned out a more conservative rental list leaving out on the broadcast camera and focusing on more capability and versatility.